Put Me In My Misery

October 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Waited to reply, each leaned to the left
Prickly cretins rolled and bounced by carrying their obligation
One of them noticed
Her familiar face, seemed glazed in a frying pan
His chin sprouting, knuckles like clouds and eyes like boxing gloves
Put me in my misery, I’m fine
He can’t wait to hear vowels and sentences
She loves to see him, like this or like any
Common small things flew back can forth, bouncing off a racket
As long as she said something, he didn’t care
The sky fell down in brown spikes, suddenly
The tension stuck like Pantene breathes and measles, but he couldn’t touch her
He thought blindly while swimming through her imagination, making love to her every thought, she couldn’t wait
He had to respond, pouring out came his vibrations
But she’s the normal one
She has all the answers but has withheld the confinement
Then nothing, bounced in vibration. Stuck
Lighten up your speakers, please
Witt and a moment of experience has then halted
Him blocked by a wall concreted by his imaginative sorrow
Her climbing through broken down by falsification and out of breath lungs
Follow me back to reality, your life is waiting

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