October 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Silence breaks the air,
Everybody keeps judging me,
Saying lies about me,
I tried rising from the ground,
But they keep tearing me in pieces,
Would everybody just be happy as they watch me bleed,
I'm right in front of them, but they look pass me like i'm a mirror,
Believing what they hear,
They make me feel like there's nothing left of me,
They treat me like i'm made of paper,
It's like i'm standing next to a cliff, they keep on pushing me and pushing me,
everyone wants to see me fall,
I'm so alone in this cold world,
When would everybody break the silence and say what they have to say about me to my face instead of talking behind me back?
They all fail to realize i'm a human,
I have feelings to and a heart,
All my windows are broken,
But i'm trying to stand on my feet,
Trying to look forward and not look behind,
Not letting them get to me and my emotions,
They took everything i had,
They broke everything i am,
Every last word i said they used it against me,
And now i'm left wordless

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