Too Bad You're Too Late

October 1, 2011
I'm not going to chase you,
I'm not going to care.
I'm just going to endure it,
So find someone who'll compare.

But who will follow all your rules?
And give up every friend?
No one else, oh no one else,
The rules you'll have to bend.

And I'm not claiming I was perfect,
Yes, I slipped a time or two.
But you know who else screwed up sometimes?
You guessed it, y-o-u.

I'm not saying "us" was easy,
But it never was, you know.
Everyday was holding on,
Everyday like stop and go.

But I thought that made us stronger,
I thought that tied a knot.
Now it's clear, so very clear,
All it did was make this rot.

So now our love's decomposing,
In a dump all thanks to you.
But it's okay, I'll find another,
Hopefully someone that's true.

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