Ty Why? :(

October 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Why did you have to go so soon? You were so young, only 17, you had so many things you wanted to do. Day and night i dream about you, all the little things we used to do. If only people that you loved accepted you, you would still be here and i wouldn't be writing this poem about you. you told me once before "If you're sad,keep your head up,look straight ahead good things will come, if you think positive, and never run.? Your smile is what i miss the most, now your floating around in heaven like a ghost. You will never be forgotten, in my heart you will stay forever. Wait for me in heaven by that golden gate, we will both walk in together happier than ever.

The author's comments:
This poem i wrote whenever my best friend Tyler committed suicide. He was 17 and he was gay, no one not even his parents accepted him so he did what he thought was write and left everyone he loved. R.i.p Tyler T. <3 10/23/93-10/23/10

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