New Life

October 4, 2011
By MegaIBlahblah BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
MegaIBlahblah BRONZE, Cicero, Indiana
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"InkNinja is not ninja."

Tired and weak
In and out of consciousness
I see him
He is tranquil
He is safety
His eyes are locked on mine
In their deep brown is love
Love for everything
He is guarding me
With his majestic wings
He takes my hand and lifts me up
His eyes are still locked on mine
I feel wonderful now
We start to fly
Fly into the clouds
To the Golden Gates
He still has my hand
We go inside
I know nothing about him
Not his name
Nor his age
But I keep following
Not loosing my grip once
I follow him to my
New Life

The author's comments:
It popped into my head after reading hush, hush.

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