child's eyes

October 4, 2011
By Anonymous

You had innocents within you green eyes and the pain that lies behind them has no reason to be their.
I wish I could take away your pain, But I don’t have that power.
Your heard the screams of your mother
Bing killed on your brownstone that night.
That is pain that you can’t take away
At your age without taking away you childhood.
All I ask for you is not to grow up with rage
And pain that completely hurts you and other who
Care about you.
Don’t turn the anger of your words into
Fist fights and bullets with no names
Because you will end just like your mother killer.
Behind bars of your jail sail without knowing you are
Completing a cycle of pain.
Now taking another child of an innocent childhood.
While you’re still young don’t let this feeling over power
That good that your possibility that you have within yourself.
I’m just saying these words in hope that it will impact you in some way.

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