Bone Cold

October 6, 2011
differentInspiration BRONZE, Roy, Utah
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This autumn wind blows through my house
It chills me to the bone
Becoming one with my very marrow
Until I can't remember the warmest summer day
Winter winds bite
But autumn winds curl up with the leaves
Like dancing orange cats
And then
Pretending I am a mouse
And consume me
Leaving no room or hope for warmth
It bogs me down
Turning my sophisticated mind into a primitive creature
Its only instinct to flee
And curl up in the warmest little corner of the world I can find
Far away from any wind
Its hard to do
In a house full of holes

The author's comments:
This came from a particularly cold day in the middle of October. After a relatively warm week, I was really mad at the sudden cold, rainy weather.

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