September 24, 2011
By KalvinMoon BRONZE, League City, Texas
KalvinMoon BRONZE, League City, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
" Never Lose Sight Of Who You Are, Or What Your Becoming." - Kalvin Moon

I'm warped entirely to these entities,i got love for the hate that enters me, white supremacy, I'm entitled to these ghosts,
chambers empty as my heads about to burst.

Good luck to those who think they can annihilate the innocent,
I' m the anti-Christ and I intend to execute you, my weak soul cut open as my guts begin to spill,
as my flesh begins to peel, the fiery lakes i walk threw heal....seal the exits.

I've been lost in this maze ever since I was born, every page I've ever written has been torn and the
cigarettes pressed against my flesh intend to burn.

This pain is what draws my mind away, upside down crosses to show I've survived the graves. Buy me a tombstone and a nice funeral,
unusual that I announce my death and I'm still a walking musical.

Take every dream you ever had and set it on fire, your whole world fake you've just been exiled,no one to ever hold you close,breathe slow becauseif I find you I'm gonna let the world know.

Stop trying to change yourself to Impress one another, never had a mother so mother nature adopted me, I'm a foster, been in and out of seven homes so I dig my head in the ground like an ostrich.

Mop it up, all the blood Ive spilled, all the dreams Ive killed, selling my soul to the devil was the only deal I ever thought threw. Instead of being a resurrection I'm injecting the morphine he has given me.

Numb the pain that has been stained upon my brain, lose yourself threw any man made fame, I lose myself in any choice of love, cant control my mind so i cant control my eyes and what they see mixes well with destruction.

Asthma attack as i play it back, as my heart gives in,an angels wings are severed and he is sent to hell, a final resting place for him to dwell. Where lost souls are pieces of art, peace in my heart, anger in my mind,I'm just trying defy myself within these lines, break off my spine, stitch my wounds, take what you want my body's in ruins, ruined.

They stole the throat that guided me, this world now piloting,
but i don't like it. I have no strength to fight it, gravity.

Call me captain talented, mentally challenging the mindsets of the confused. I've been abused, beaten, Ive been taught to never believe again, emblem to embellish your belief, you can hardly speak with teeth, i got enough to last for weeks, weak.

You say you want peace but your fighting for war, gore. I got a knife in your back and i gun to your head, I believe in silence so that i too may sleep. Forever lone with Me, Myself And I.

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