The Voice

September 27, 2011
By Jaeslyfee BRONZE, Palatka, Florida
Jaeslyfee BRONZE, Palatka, Florida
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Be yourself the person you were created to be .

The Voice
Who's actions no longer speaks louder than words.
Their Actions are never showed, nor are their words heard
Why is the voice not heard?
Why are the actions never showed?
Is the person lost for words?

The Voice
Chooses the road it will take, knowing that the choice is theirs to make.
What obstacles will they face?
What bridges will they cross?
I can't answer because the choice is not mine to make. Nor do I know how many tunnels they will have to crawl to finally see the light.

The Voice
Keeps it all inside, not even wanting to admit it to itself, that yes they've been hurt, and yes they've shed tears.
But it's time for a change

No Longer will the voice keep silent. Its time to let the world know how much your worth. Everyday you keep holding it in, your dying because of what you fear. Everyone wants to be heard, but no one will spear the ear....Just know I'll be there;

The Voice has made their choice to not be ignored, but heard;


The author's comments:
I hope that people will express how they feel, get out of your shell.

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