Always Right There

September 27, 2011
By LauraV SILVER, Orinda, California
LauraV SILVER, Orinda, California
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Hard times, struggling and aching and throbbing
Emotions imbue the heart, that cannot be described
Sobbing, through misery and remorse,
Of a loved one who has gone.

Times are difficult.
Hand in hand, we will stand,
Supporting you through hardships
Of losing your adoring mother
Who you are ever so close to.

Her love will never fade,
She will always be here for you and for the world,
Even if not visible to the keen eye.

Think of gorgeous butterflies,
Graceful orange monarchs, perhaps.
And whenever you may see one,
Remember your mother and her presence.

Or vibrant colors of orange and pink
Smearing the sky with a sunset,
And the magnificent neon glow of the sun,
A beauty to behold.

Spring, of course, and beautiful cherry blossoms,
Pure, delicate, elegant,
So much similarity to a mother.

An ocean, vast and mysterious,
Illustrating its grace with every wave.
The salty scent, a rich perfume, flowing through the air.

Lost loved ones can be everywhere,
Wherever you may look at the splendor of the earth,
You will remember her, your mother,
And she will no longer be lost,
But right there.

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