September 27, 2011
Everyone all my life tells me to stay strong.
Grandpa dies, be strong for grandma.
Boyfriend abuses you, be strong and don’t let him see you’re hurting.
Tormented by “friends” at school, be strong you don’t need them anyways.
Battle with health, be strong and don’t give up; you’ll get better.
Family issues and fighting, stay strong for everyone else.
Love of your life moves away, be strong; you’ll be together again before you know it.
Being “strong” has made me the person I am today.
I feel like I’m strong enough to take on any battle that comes my way.
Everything I’ve been put through has made me a little stronger.
Day by day, standing up for my beliefs, listening to that song on the radio that puts the smile on my face and doing what I’ve learned makes me happy.
It doesn’t happen over night or in the next week but over time you’ll see it gets easier to hold back the tears and you’ll see you are stronger <3

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