Key to Non-Reality

September 27, 2011
By Anonymous

My key is silver, speckled gold
And opens the door to what I behold
Enter a world of warmth and laughter
Soon forgotten the world of reality, after

An expanse of ocean, a spectrum of blues
Rises above you in beautiful hues
Balls of cotton, orange like candy
Reflect on the ground, light and a tad sandy

Silver bubbles float at their leisure
Certainly wary of the children who tease them
Dusk approaches, the land of dreams yawn
The sun paints the sky warmly, stretching beyond

There is still light, the twinkle of stars
Lighting things up in liquid neon, bizarre!
Painting the evening with the color of grape
This is one place you will never escape

Come dance with me
And chase the sea
In my ever expanding world

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