Final Stage

September 28, 2011
By MJG11 SILVER, Scottsville, New York
MJG11 SILVER, Scottsville, New York
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Life grabs you like this,
And sometimes death is all you wish.
Never saw it coming, never saw it coming.
I never thought we’d end like this.

You’ve planted a false story,
Made it look like victory.
You know we were so much more,
How you can walk away so easily and shut our door,
Makes me question who you even are.

I’ve found the strength to walk away,
But I’ll never forget that day.
My world turned upside down,
And I wanted to flee from this town.

I need a way to forget the good and just remember the bad,
Because you seem to make it look like that’s all we ever had,
Like that’s all we ever were.
But today is the final stage,
I’m moving on and finishing our last page.

The author's comments:
This is to the boy who I loved me for 3 years, just for it to end with him having a new girlfriend within 2 days of our break up. I'll always remember him as the person I trusted the most in the world who broke my heart and hurt me more than I'll probably ever be hurt again in my life.

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