Ode to the Great Dragon

September 28, 2011
By Emeraldstar SILVER, Bland, Missouri
Emeraldstar SILVER, Bland, Missouri
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He used to be adored by all,
guest to many,
and hunted by few.
He was the one they turned for wisdom on their quest,
he advised the kings and queens of the age,
and hunters thought to make his head a lovely trophy.

His scales were blue as the deep waters of the sea
His claws and teeth were as silver as the crown of the realm.

His eyes are the same eyes
that saw the Greek’s humble beginnings,
watched the Egyptians build the first pyramids,
witnessed the up rise of the Roman Empire to conquer lands of many,
and foreseen the millions that would die
to stop or help in a German’s sickening conquest to power.

His eyes capture a green mist that swirls
around the dark abyss,
that contains the knowledge
of the past, present, and all futures.

If you were the judge
of this creature’s fate
was it a just or unjust killing,
a monster catching his next meal
or an adviser that needed someone to hear
his words to stop yet another disaster from happening.

To Prince Arthur, it was a noble deed.
To Merlin, it was a noble loss of a friend.

So, he waits
‘til the next age,
when Talonmar returns
in another form,
for a different purpose.

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