We's A-Meetin' Death Today

September 28, 2011
It ain’t the cold, dry wind
Whippin’ at my face.
No it ain’t the lonely echoes
Of my footsteps
Or even dem loomin’ mountains.

It could be dis dust
A-swirlin’ around me
Drownin’ me, slow and sweet.

Its dis feelin’ I gets
On dis rocky mountain top
Down on the barren land.

Dis feelin’
Reminds me of you,
Starin’ like a possum dead in the road,
When that there judge
Hit the woods and called yous right out,

Dis feelin’ I gets
Of bein’ alone
Left out for Death
To come an’ swallow me whole;
I thinks I feels like yous probably do
Behind dem iron bars.

We’re a-lost
In east jess nowhere,
With only Death
And a couple cows
For friends.

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