October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from parents shouting in the next room,
From the strong hand of an angry man.
With the screaming and the yelling,
I’m from the silent house as I get home.
From the swift boot from a heartless father,
I am from the many moves and new people.
From all the new friends I’ve just made,
And the ones I’ll make when we move again.

I am from my disappearing father, and a busy mother.
From leaving for school without a mom there to say goodbye.
I'm from the new man my father claims he is,
And the promises he breaks again.
I am from the apologetic mother,
And an unforgiving father.
I’m from learning how to live on my own.

I am from the grandparents taking me under their wing,
And the warm cookies that help with homework.
I am from the gentle hugs of a sweet old lady,
And the hip that gave out on the sweet old lady.
I'm from the smell of bacon as I wake up,
And the smell of clean sheets when I go to bed.

I am from the mono taking over my body,
From the extreme weight loss of not eating.
I'm from times where walking was impossible,
And the homework piling up.

I'm from staying late after wrestling practice,
And all the times I'm there early.
I am from the 12 hour tournaments,
And the cheers from a hopeful mother.
I'm from the victorious hand raises,
And the disappointing losses.
I'm from “you’ll get em’ at conference”,
And “great win” or “tough loss”.
I am from preparing for the next season,
Running every night to keep my weight down.
I'm from all the medals sitting on the shelf,
And all the bracket sheets of tournaments I’ve conquered.
I am from the red white and blue shoes,
With the sky blue laces.
I am from the smell of the mat,
As I walk into the room.

I’m from the man I want to be
Who won’t abuse his family,
and won’t take advantage of the great children he has,
Who won’t be a bad father,
and won’t miss a single match.
I’ll be from the father that’s the loudest one in the crowd,
Cheering on the small child I can call my own.

I am from many things,
From the fighting parents,
to the quiet practices.
It’s not about where I’m from, what I’ve gone through,
Or who I know.
It’s about who I am.
I don’t make excuses because what I’ve gone through,
I use it as a chance to be a better person,

I am a fighter.

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