Two Strike HItter

October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from the beats you hear dribbling up and down the streets,
that constant sound you continually hound.
I am from the people that are the first ones in the gym,
and the last ones out.

I am from the snore on the couch,
the noise of the heavy garage creaking at night.
I am from the man called bullet,
the women of the photo finish.

I am from the grains of sand of the diamond,
the bases as soft as a well fitted tempurpedic pillow.
I am from the heights of the California redwood sights,
That sometimes fall on tall supported others.

I am from the no fear of failure,
just thoughts of accepted accomplishments.
I am from the family that never has the nights of nightmares,
just dreams of accomplishable goals.

I am from the long and hard working family,
which makes me delighted to wear my name on my back,
which makes me walk tall,
which makes me step up to the plate,
which makes me where I am from.

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