This close to forever

October 5, 2011
By yfwriterilc775 SILVER, None, California
yfwriterilc775 SILVER, None, California
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One step away, one breath away,
One inch away.
I wish I could of told you how I felt.
I thought you felt the same way.
We will never know now how it could of turned out.
We will never get those days back.
Always just friends.
Always side by side.
I thought we could be more than friends.
I thought you felt the same.
Laughing, running, singing, dancing.
All with you.
I was so close to closing the gap.
It just wasn’t meant to be.
Maybe someday we will meet again.
If only I would of grabbed you,
And kissed you.
If only I had been more bold.
We were this close to being together forever.
All I wanted was you.
I had you right there.
Close enough to touch.
Close enough to pull towards me.
Close enough to have.
Laughing, running, singing, dancing.
All with you

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