Laugh at my Pain

October 5, 2011
By Poetic-Justice GOLD, Girard, Ohio
Poetic-Justice GOLD, Girard, Ohio
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Live For the laughter stay for the cookies.

With all the laughter produced from your vocals, you feel whole,
You feel human, but i feel half, i feel mutant, every sneer, every laugh, every chuckle,
I absorb it all
You wonder why i walk alone,
because running with the crowd like a pack of wild animals is beneath me,
like a wounded slug is how I'm treated,
Yous words hurt the most off all, they make me pain filled,
but you make me fill the pain,
is this all i can be, all i am, all that you'd care to see,
everyday is a different struggle,
but today you hit the daily double,
with clenched teeth i bit my tongue,
with brash silence I'm speaking loudly,
the steeping stool you once knew,
isn't gonna be too lose to you,
over coming this over whelming agony,
fist step to the brighter side,
greener pastures, and rainbows,
get stronger is all i can do,
until the shots subside,
double me bartender, and keep them coming,
my laughter hasn't developed yet but it'll come soon,
the pain and panic attacks are still there too.

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