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October 5, 2011
By oliviah BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
oliviah BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am from,


I am from,
Blackjack ski resort
and my brothers tree forts.
from learning to shred the slopes
to swinging off a tree, forty feet high into the murky green water.

I am from,
Shaker baby and blankie
to Ollie and puppy
from box fans and bon fires
to my soft and safe bed.

I am from,
moccasins and my boots to hoodies and my t-shirts,
those that I never leave home without.

I am from,
the loud sounds.
brothers fighting, Zena barking
and dads TV blaring.

I am from,
a house, that’s cold in the winter
yet sizzling in the summer sun.
From a house with
many colors, stories, and sounds.
One with endless memories,
good and bad.

I am from
Aunt Jeanne’s scotcheroos
to grandmas O’Henry bars.
From dads Sunday morning pancakes
to Kyle crepes.

I am from,
things being so alive one day,
but so dead the next.
From having the most loving mother out there,
to one day not having a mother at all.

I am from mom and dad
to brothers and a fun loving step-mother.
From a family filled with love and laughter.
A family of ten.

But most importantly,
I am a Hoopman,
and I am proud.

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