I am Me

October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from the colorful and musical toys,
and the soft and fuzzy stuffed animals,
that I played with when I was a kid.
I am from all of my exciting birthdays,
the happiness of opening all of my presents,
and having all of the attention on me.

I am from always getting hurt,
the cuts and bruises,
the scrapes and stitches,
even braking my arm three times,
before I was out of elementary school.

I am from playing sports
with my friends and family.
I am from playing tennis,
enjoying the game,
getting better,
day by day,
enjoying the time spent with my friends,
and playing it as much as I can.

I am from my grandma’s house,
playing ping pong and pool,
as well as board games with my family.
I am from my grandma’s cooking,
always bringing our family together.
I am from eating pepperoni pizza,
and watching funny movies with my family.

I am from a quiet,
sometimes messy home,
filled with loyal pets,
and those who care about me.
I am from my only home
Having lived there all my life.
I am from my room,
where I blare my music
do my homework,
watch movies and TV,
surf the internet,
and spend most of my time when I’m home.

I am from the numerous vacations
that I’ve had throughout my life
that which I continue to have today.
I am from going up north every year,
where I go fishing and boating,
relaxing and breathing the fresh air.
I am from that once a year vacation
to the Wisconsin dells,
site seeing and eating out at new restaurants,
enjoying my favorite foods,
and enjoying my family’s company.

I am from the pictures I’ve taken,
and the pictures taken of me,
I am from sharing memories,
with friends,
with family,
and never forgetting them.

I am from the time
and dedication I put in,
to earn everything I have
and everything I do.

I am from going for a drive,
driving my truck,
its bright red and bad on gas
where I always go to clear my head.
relaxing myself,
listening to the radio,
without a care in the world.

I am from my family.
growing up with them,
and watching them grow up,
while they watch me grow u p.
Laughing with them,
enjoying being around each other,
and spending time with them.
It’s not always pleasant,
but we make the best of our time together,
because one day,
they just might not be there.

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