October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from the late nights,
and the early mornings.
Cartoons on Saturday
and grandma watching the ‘price is right’.
I am from those broken windows and
running from the lectures.
Afraid of my grandma coming home to find a microwave that had caught on fire.
I am from playing kickball around the corner,
or being at the park down the block.
The tall metal slide where my cousin and I played and had many days of fun.
The cousin I’m not nearly as close to now, but would still like to be.
How he started to fade because the prices of gas were to high, or the city to far.

I am from the fights with my brother,
How he wildly threw punches and kicks, then gave up when I had him in a headlock.
To the moments of loneliness without him, for how he filled in the blank, dark spot of boredom.
Then how I would get him in trouble when he annoyed me.
The brother I said I hate, but truly love and would do anything for.

I am from broken bones, chipped teeth, and torn flesh.
Falling out of a tree into a fence, smashing my face on the hard gym floor, and the crushing of bones between me and the concrete.
The consequences of mistake
and the sour taste of failure.
But I am also from the sweet taste of victory, success, and triumph.
From near death, to second chances
The pain of loss, physical mishap and just plain misfortune
I am from the trial and error, the mind over matter.
Learning from the mother with undying devotion,

The father who puts his life on the line,
and the family in the line of duty.

I’m from the nights at Brandon’s and the mornings of maxi’s paws.
Returning home to uncontrollably barking dogs,
Who are annoying but amazing at the same time.
They’re the true friends you find in life,
not family by blood but the bond that you share, two legs or four.
The eyes of the puppy or the tired paws of the old hound.
The one who always listens, doesn’t care what you talk about, but just to be with you, they wont give up on you, walk away or tell you no. they’re the true friends.

I’m from the experience of being the student, the son, the brother, the friend,
and all the years of growing.
The friends, advice, lessons learned and wisdom used.
I am from the good times through the bad.
I am from all I’ve left behind, but what also lies ahead.
The people ill hold onto for the rest of my life
And the memories that wont fade.
Waking up every morning to put one foot in front of the other, to leave another impression to remember one day.
I am from the family, the pain, the love, the respect, the passion, the devotion, and the spirit that won’t die.
I am from always being myself beginning to end,
and I will always remain me, myself , the individual, the character developed.
I will always be from the creative flame inside, the passion that can’t hide.
I am and will continue to be my own.

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