We both say I am not crazy.

October 5, 2011
The room with never ending white walls screams in the ear piercing silence.
The cold, cold floor sends the chills that will never find their end.
The metal ice freezes time at the touch.
Staring at the emptiness swells my head with ideas I never once had.

Get Out, My mind screams. Leave Now, Is all my ears hear. DO IT NOW!
I need to leave; I need to leave this room, this world, this mind of mine that is tearing the rest of my body apart.
I will leave; I will listen to my mind and forget the rest.

No, no I wouldn’t. I cannot when my life is here.
I most, I have to. The time is now to escape the Alcatraz of my own mind.

I can deal with it! I have to deal with it! This is my home.
My home is broken and there is no changing that.

A broken home is still a home. Not always a great one but home is where the heart is.
Who said I even have a heart? I can’t stand this.
I am fighting with myself to the point I am never alone.
There is always two of me, someone to talk to, someone to fight with.
Why am I in here? I am alone and we both say I’m not crazy.

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