Whose Life is it Anyway?

October 5, 2011
We always go through this

What you want
Never what I want
You don’t care

You’re doing what’s best
But I disagree
Because I don’t feel free

Why is it always what you want?
Don’t I have a say?
Why is it always you’re way?

It’s my life
But you don’t care
And that’s something I can’t bear

You shove aside my feelings
Thinking you’re doing what’s right
But it always turns into a fight

You take me away from society
Thinking it’s what needs to be done
Not caring about fun
Or wanting me to have any

You don’t know my dreams
Any I tell, you lie about or dismiss
And so many things I miss

Is it you who’s lying
Or is it I?
Because I really am trying
But I always cry
At some point or other
Because you’re too overbearing
My mother
Even though you say you’re just caring

Whose life is it anyway?
Because I think I’ve lost track
Whose life is it anyway?
If it’s mine, I want it back
Whose life is it anyway?
What can I say?

You’ve taken control
Control you don’t have
Control that is mine
But I continue to spit out
Line after line

Because you think
It is your control
But you’re breaking me down
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