No Life

October 5, 2011
By NajaiWhite BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
NajaiWhite BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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\\\"No one is ever a terrible liar...people are just terrible at believinq\\\"- Xena White

If you tell me your secret
I’ll tell you mine
If you run away
Ill come and find
Because your heart is always mine

If I couldn’t lie
My love would be true
If I was unfaithful
I couldn’t be with you
Because I do what you tell me to

Who am I?
Am I my own?
Your little puppet
To you I belong
Because without you, you’ll say I’m wrong

I fear you like
The hawk and the mouse
You break me down
Like walls in a house
Because you said I ran my mouth

I Might just die
Or something’s got to give
I Might just die
And that’s no fib
Because my whole life you wouldn’t let me live.

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