Echo, Echo

October 5, 2011
By RainnSunshine BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
RainnSunshine BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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Echo, Echo,
silence responds.
The chilly wind
blows into my face,
swinging my hair in every direction.
Long tall grass sway in melody.
I’m so high in the sky,
I can hear the distant bird cry.
Closing my eyes,
sweet aromas
radiant from the blooming flowers below.
I shuffle my feet towards the edge,
closer and closer to God’s magnificent creation.
Rocks crunch underneath my shoes.
This land reminds me of Peru.
Memories flood me.
A smile slowly spreads across my face
while a single tear shivers down my cheek
And continues falling and falling
Echo, echo
Tears respond.

The author's comments:
In this poem I’m standing on top of the mountain admiring the view. The scene reminds me so much of Peru and how I dearly miss it. I like this poem because it shows how you can be half way around the world and still remember and miss your home. I didn’t like the “echo echo” part that much because I wasn’t too sure about my surroundings making that sound. But overall, this poem makes me shed a tear because I can remember everything of Peru.

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