I'm Setting the record straight

October 4, 2011
By Notcool...FREE BRONZE, Fairport, New York
Notcool...FREE BRONZE, Fairport, New York
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Alright I’m setting the record straight
I'm done.
No one seems to know
what the heck
constitutes a
future world ruler
whatever you want call them
Being a geek means
you know most of Buffy by heart
you hum the doctor who theme song
You think black and white
monster movies
are the best thing since sliced bread.
You've got your
word nerd
band geeks
computer nerd
fan boys (and girls)
chess players
To you they must be the same
To be a nerd you must
own at least one comic book
carry a paperback novel
that could bludgeon
someone to death
know all the answers
and be incredibly socially
when you are a geek
you utter phrases like
"They're not dolls, they're action figures"
"Marvel is better than D.C"
You count down the days until
the big comic con
you've been dying to go to
You compare movies to the comic book
When you're a geek
you can
name the difference between
All of the Star Treks
You hunt for that elusive VHS
of Red Dwarf
When you run with the nerd herd
people look down on you
they beat you up for your lunch money
they whisper mean things about you
behind your back
you are isolated and shunned
But have no fear
Geeks are everywhere
The hide under the guise of
jocks, preps, "normal people"
Being a geek means
you are
and maybe a little eccentric
And all you need to do is accept it
Stand up and shout
"I'm a geek and I’m proud of it!"
upon saying that
it becomes quite obvious
that I am indeed a geek
a geek that
listens to heavy metal
sings screamo on the weekends
compulsively steals pens
I’m a nerd that
has a sports injury
believes in personal hygiene
that chops fire wood
I'm a freak that
loves 80's cult classics
dyed my hair purple
pierced my cartilage
Let me put this in simpler terms
I'm a geek
You're a geek
we're all geeks
Get over it people
Be nice to the nerds
they will rule the world

The author's comments:
This actually started as a rant about people heckling nerds but then it turned into something really awesome. So read and think about your place in the poem

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