Nothing Really Matters

October 6, 2011
Nothing really matters
A tremulous blue sky
A boy sailing away on a boat
With feathered eyelashes
And long tan fingers
I watch him go free
Liberated from the bonds
I begged him to keep
I stand alone
On a sunny warm day
The irony makes me smile
While I keep tears inside
Who cares if I show the ugly?
I then cry anyway
And kick up the old lace colored sand
Without him I am empty
Like a hollow china doll
Cold glass painted to look like a girl
I take a final look at the white speck in the distance
But it has already disappeared
I kneel down
And my hands find the ground
I nearly crawl out to the tide
And let my head drop in the ocean
My nose stings from the salt
And I let myself be pulled closer, further
I will never be near enough again
He isn’t coming back
He doesn’t want you
I pull myself up
And decide not to drown

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