Move Forward

October 3, 2011
By Tiggy BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tiggy BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Every day when I was younger,
I’d stare at the clouds
Like they were the epitome of everything.
Like they held the secrets of the world.

I carried the clouds wherever I went
Like my stuffed animal.
They fit perfectly right next to me,
To comfort me in times of need.

But when I was that young,
Clouds weren’t just clouds.
They were elephants with giant noses,
And birds flying around in slow motion.

Sometimes I’d see a dragon,
Or a knight in shining armor.
I’d see everything because they weren’t just clouds then,
They were more than that.

Life was so much lighter back then,
The weight of the world was the weight of the clouds,

Now it’s as big as 27 lead weights
Tied to my tiny ankles,
While I trudge through the street
Full of sadness.

The clouds can’t be animals as often anymore.
They aren’t as vivid and don’t hold all my answers.
Well they might, but I can’t see it anymore,
Even though I really want to.

But you have to move on one way or another,
I’m no longer a child.
Nor am I a sinking ship, ever so lost,
I’m stronger than that.

Because sometimes when I look hard enough I do see the animals,
I can’t give up now.
So I hope that when the rain clears, they’ll come back.
As vivid as a rainbow, as vivid as childhood.

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