My Trash Can

September 25, 2011
By Matthew123 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Matthew123 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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In the trash the room is vast

But, because of me it is full

Wish there was a spell i could cast

To get rid of all this gruel

There are long and pointy bones

As well as old and moldy scones

There lies mountainous heaps of toilet paper

With smears of chunky peanut butter

Crayons computers and cans of pop

Wrinkled newspapers and broken toy cops

Tons and tons of branches and leaves

And even a hoody with ripped sleeves

Decaying rotten banana peels

And old used rubber wheels

Abundance of wet colorful wrappers

And loads of broken soggy crackers

This is what lies in my garbage can

I need to figure out a plan

So I can get rid of all this trash

To get rid of it I will mash and smash

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