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You've Got Me

September 25, 2011
By MiscellanyCrop DIAMOND, Middlefield, Ohio
MiscellanyCrop DIAMOND, Middlefield, Ohio
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An Essay on Man - Alexander Pope

You can see it in the air
Breathe it in like oxygen
You're just trying to be fair
Like it's not written on my skin

Snowflakes burning in my hands
From trying so hard to keep my cool
But it's like I'm standing naked
In a glass swimming pool

I'd say you could read my mind
But I went a misplaced it
Among the nameless and the faceless

It's only a matter of time
Before I stop counting
And my mistakes start amounting

To a mountain of my weakness
And you're standing at the peak, yes
You don't hear the words I'm speaking
You just see my lips move

If love could kill, it'd take a weak
To find me cold, with no heartbeat
You lost me when you said to speak
I've got nothing to prove

And you've got so much to lose
Because you've got me

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