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September 25, 2011
By zvonko_vugreshek BRONZE, Skopje, Other
zvonko_vugreshek BRONZE, Skopje, Other
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In a teen life
You want to thrive
Have your own hive
Have a beer, or maybe five
Just to be cool
Not to be looked upon like a fool
Because you'll end up as a tool
To be played upon in school
No one wants that, right?
Being the target of every fight
So you start to adapt
Start drinking & smoking all kinds of rare finds
You’ll soon start losing your minds
In a state that binds the sky and the land
You can't pretend you can still stand
But at least you're in trend, my friend
Because your company will understand
As they are in the same stance
All together in a trance
You dance your night away
It’s a fun way to stray out of your troubles
But you might reach the end
That’s going to make you bend
To a force you can't understand
Certainly not a friend
A force of nature
Hitting you in the face
Putting you in place
Laying you down and saying grace
Starts numbering your days
When you'll be gone without a trace
As you see and wonder
Into the heavenly white yonder
Your life flashes through
Memories dash loose
It’s not unbelievable to lose
It was yours to choose to swallow all that booze
During a daily cruise
Also make a point
Your sleepless nights back in the joint
With that you've given yourself a knee to the groin
Suddenly in this flashback you find your mistakes
Because you didn't want to participate in high stakes
You thought them as fakes, but turned out they were easy as cake
So you want to correct yourself and thus correct the future
Have a better, happier future
But it ain’t going to happen
Ever ever ever
Maybe not never
But you must be clever
Never say whatsoever
It’s you who raises the lever of your own success
No time for recess, or you will become feces
Now you might be wondering how this happened and say:
What have i been doing all my life
"I got to take a five
Change from the core
I don’t want to live like this anymore"
Suddenly you're thrown out
From heaven's mouth
Without doubt
You feel brand new
With a crystal view
On the real world
Just hope you'll hold to this state
And it will be as good as gold

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