The Candy Wrapper

September 24, 2011
By seabs14 BRONZE, Potomac, Maryland
seabs14 BRONZE, Potomac, Maryland
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Wind blows along the cold, dark streets
Lifting a candy wrapper in its path
Taking it far away from the place
Where it had been forgotten

The wrapper is lifted higher into the clouds
Far above the small town
The town oblivious
To the tragedy of the past

A young boy of seven was taken
He was nowhere to be found
But sadly for this boy
No one was looking

He had no mother
No father
Not one person cared for him
He was all alone

He lived on the streets
And ate from the garbage
Only on rare occasions
Did he get a warm and nutritious meal

Today the boy had been lucky
Or so he thought
A man walked up to him
And gave the boy a warm piece of bread

The boy took the bread
And the man took the boy
Against the boy’s will
Far away

The boy is long gone now
And so is the wrapper
Both prisoners of chance
And victims of opportunity

The author's comments:
Everyday, children are kidnapped and most are never found again. If you ever see a child in need of help, do not hesitate, go help them. You could be saving their life.

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