Choosing or Losing

September 24, 2011
By MolMol GOLD, Sweet Springs, Missouri
MolMol GOLD, Sweet Springs, Missouri
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Your past is your past and you can\'t change it, but you can use it to change your future.

I'm in the middle of a war
And I can't pick a side
I'm in a losing battle
That's a mile wide
The words are being shot
Like bullets from a gun
My heart is being attacked
And it's only begun
Fingers will be pointed
And thoughts will arise
As I stand here
And sort through the lies
The pain that it's causing
Just sits here inside
I try to be strong
Till I find the one
To whom I can confide
The death count is growing
The time isn't slowing
One day will be too late
To regret all of this hate
I refuse to choose
So I guess I have to loose
If only there was an easy way out
To get rid of all of this doubt

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