The Curse Of Reality.

September 24, 2011
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Deliver me reality, Shining from your face.
Upon a golden platter, your place it takes.
The cries of a million, a voice portrays.
The laugh of a few, echoed whats erased.

You can call me a dreamer, my hopes too high.
A fool, a believer, eyes set on the prize.
You can say I'm madness, your ways in line.
A death, a sadness, to the lie i climb.

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Fayrouz This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 12, 2011 at 3:43 pm
I really enjoyed the subtle rhyme, which I thought went well with the theme. I disagree with you that "ignorance is peace," but overall, the poem had a very lulling quality to it that I liked. Good job and keep writing!
MarieLouiseA replied...
Nov. 12, 2011 at 3:55 pm
Thank you! (: It means a lot to get feedback, especially that nice! Yeah, i just thought that people fight over such trivial things that if we were ignorent towards them then the world would be a better place. Also, the world can be painful, ignorence is a great way to escape even just for a moment (:
raindance72 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Nov. 17, 2011 at 5:56 pm
Actually, I completely agree with what you said about ignorance. I always say "ignorance is bliss" and no one ever gets it....I rest my case.
MarieLouiseA replied...
Jan. 16, 2012 at 5:39 pm
Thank you (: I think its just a matter of opinion about ignorence being peace or bliss, but yeah it can certainly be useful to block everything out sometimes. Thank you so much for the feedback :D
Lexie96 said...
Nov. 9, 2011 at 6:43 am

Really beautiful and well done!

Check out my work sometime?

MarieLouiseA replied...
Nov. 12, 2011 at 1:08 pm
Thank you! (: I will do!
Chibi-Alexis said...
Oct. 25, 2011 at 8:38 am
If you put music in it and add a couple other verses, it would be a beautiful song.  I love this!
MarieLouiseA replied...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 7:58 am
Thank you so much! (: i did put a few chords with it but i couldnt think of a way to continue haha :D thanks so much (:
Chibi-Alexis replied...
Oct. 28, 2011 at 11:18 am
Yeah, when I read this, it really had a musical soul to it.  I wish I am able to do that and I just thought I should tell you.  I know you can do it!
MarieLouiseA replied...
Nov. 8, 2011 at 1:09 pm
Thank you! (: You have no idea how much that means to me! I will try! (:
Chibi-Alexis replied...
Nov. 9, 2011 at 7:21 am
Hey, I love this and I know it could happen.  You're really good and I wish you the moon's shining luck!
Jeera said...
Oct. 24, 2011 at 7:39 pm

This is really good! I like it :)

You could check out some of my stuff if you'd like :) Keep writing!!!

MarieLouiseA replied...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 7:58 am
Thank you! (: will do :D
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