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September 24, 2011
By wickedgreen SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
wickedgreen SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Loose pebbles kicked up as the tires run over them
Discarded cardboard boxes; abandoned, ripped, water-damaged
Old-fashioned metal trash bin; empty, except for a few stray papers with mindless scribbles
Gum, dirt, coins, paint, shoe print in still-wet cement forever engraving their signature on the street
Frowning stores, with their eyes and mouths shut tight, concealing secrets
Graffiti, faded, new letters, words, a mark of rebellion
An old sneaker knockoff with holes, missing its twin
Clothes drooping from the line above
Stringing from one apartment window to another
A blue sky day with but one cloud and a brilliant, blinding sun
A homeless person
The tires make a ba-dump ba-dump noise over the cracks
And you are gone, passing through
Toward your intended destination

So many of the little, insignificant things we see every day fade into the background of our mind. Not important enough to even consider.

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