What have I become?

September 24, 2011
By damienallan BRONZE, Middletown, Pennsylvania
damienallan BRONZE, Middletown, Pennsylvania
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Weeks have sped past,
But the thoughts never halted.
I've changed too much,
And I can't even recognize myself.
What have I become?

My sanity eludes me,
And my eyes no longer see clearly.
I hear only pestering voices,
Now I can't even trust my mouth to speak.
What have I become?

Hesitation is now natural,
Fear consumes me to the core.
Awareness was all I wished for,
Regret was hidden between the lines.
What have I become?

Everything I said I wouldn't do.
All the people I said I wouldn't be.
So many promises broken.
This isn't me.
What have I become?

I've become sin.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this piece was an abundance of medication and pain from regret and memories that remained in my mind.

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