September 24, 2011
What is this?
My head is pounding,
the room is spinning,
my heart is breaking.
Tears stream down my face,
and it's your fault.
Yuo lied.
You said we were friends.
I believed.
I went along,
like we were fine.
Now it's all coming out.
I wait for your answer,
but it's not going to come.
I want to scream.
That's all I have left.
I'm done with this.
I'm done with you.
I trusted you,
but now it's the end.
It's way too much.
My head bursts,
my heart shatters.
Now I lay here,
crying and alone.
I cry myself to sleep,
but this time,
I don't wake up.

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1613xoxoxo said...
Nov. 13, 2011 at 7:57 am
Can someone help critique this?
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