The last Revolver

September 24, 2011
By Anonymous

I've lost all faith.

The storm here it comes.

The lightning strikes one by one.

This is what its come to.

Just me and you.

with all my might i control the winds.

But you fight back your lightning wins.

I am gone from the world, removed, erased.

I know you meant no harm but you've closed this case.

I am free to live, to fly high in the sky.

As my spirit floated away, high into the heavens, I'm sorry for ever making you cry.

The angles sing the fight is over.

They except me into heaven with an enchanting chorus.

I step through the gates only, to find you.

There we stood eye to eye.

I run to you with an apologizing cry.

You say to me the world is full of pain.

And the gods are not to blame.

So take my hand, and let us fly.

High into our revolving sky.

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