The disease

September 24, 2011
By heartofdetriot BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
heartofdetriot BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"you are not lost until you have found the lost"

Im tryna come out
Come out the box that has Detroit stereotypes stuck on me
Just tryna show the world that some of us are free
We have escape past the mental breakdown Detroit seems to bleed
Yes its contagious I know we are running low on vaccine
This sickening disease has sunk into our mind to think
That Detroit is but a place of crime. Bums in the street begging for dimes, STD ridden ,baby mamma trippen, fools sagging dropping out of school ghetto girls walkin all over the place with the weave hanging across there face having babies they cant afford thinking that man gonna really care,nope so they turn to welfare
But who cares now they caught the disease it “uncurable” now so they believe.
But then there some who do believe but don’t play close attention to the syt5homs of the disease
So they shrug it off because they thought it was your everyday flu
Didn’t think it over never gave it a clue
And you’re contagious now what a shame
Your one of them now who’s to blame
Sorry to say you added on to all the other statics
With each number rising making all stereotypes more realistic
That gleam in your eye that used to be
With the knowledge of success is hard to see
And this devastes you the most cause your soul can’t bleed
So you turn to the left and say can you past the weed
Cause this your way of trying to hide
From the cure that creeps up your side
And blinded by fear and envy to those like me who took their opportunity
To use those rights that was blinded by the sthypoms and earn a degree
Who got checkups and use hand sanitizer
Who took the box they were in and filled it
With pride and hope they tend to lend
And this gave hope to many who believed
That one day we will all beat this disease
With each hand we will patch the leak
Until this is done many dreams will not be seeked
And the feeling of accomplishment
Can never fully be around
For the land of the lost will never be fond

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Detroit metro

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