That boy

September 24, 2011
By Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
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That boy who broke your heart
Was the same you were willing to risk it all for
That boy that made you cry every night
Was the same boy you dissed your friends for

Tell me what did you get for your time
All those hugs and kisses
If not more
Was he worth it

All the hurt and heartache
Yet you cried for days
Calling me on the phone
Saying how he broke your heart

What did you get for the pain
The uncertainty
All the unrest
Was he worth it all

And in return you were cheated on
Disrespected and neglected
Did he call as he promised?

He was in someone else’s bed
Cursing your name for all to hear
Yet, it was you by his side
You were there in the good and bad

You cooked and cleaned
Hoping to someday be called wife
You gave him your all
And he threw it all

He said he cared
He would love you when you were scared
He said he’d be your umbrella in the rain
A shoulder to cry on through the pain

You gave him your all
But he threw it all
Sneered your name
When all you wanted was for him to call

In your best friends bed
That’s not a true friend
Confused and disillusioned
You wanted to commit suicide

Don’t waste a breath
He isn’t worth it
But when he calls
Apologizes for the wrongs he committed

Its you who will say
Its okay boo
Open your arms
Calling him home

And tomorrow you’ll wake up
And call
Crying that he did it again
And you lost it all

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