"God's gracious gift"

September 24, 2011
By Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
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As the flowers bloom outside, I think of you, God’s gracious gift to me.
At the window seat, I reminisce on the path that life has taken us on.
I think of the laughter and joy that has come with knowing you.
I think of the freedom in your smile and those hugs you give so willingly.

Do you think of that too?
The times spent idly chatting and laughing, reading and dreaming.
You drew me once as I stared at the Cherry blossoms in D.C. those trees reminded me of you.
You shine in the spring, the summer, winter and fall.
Your smile lights up a room every time you walk on by.

Your talents are infinite from the strokes on the piano, from the sounds of the clarinet to the words that string along together to create your masterpiece.
For that there can only be one of you to me.
At the window seat I reminisce on the paths we have taken and wonder, did you make that money honey?

Did you kiss your kids goodnight, did you call your sister today and did you read the letter I sent.
Did you listen to the voice of God, and please pray tell what did he say?
Did you play the grand piano I got you, did you draw on the canvas I bought.
Did you remember to call your mother and gossip about those old British fools?

Did you remember to pray, and please pray tell what did God say?
Did you wear your spring dress, with flowers in your hair did you dance till you couldn’t feel your feet, and did you laugh so hard you cried and did you cry so hard that you laughed?
But most of all did all your dreams come true.

Did you let love in?
Did you sing those oldies songs on the drive to work?
Did you wish on a falling star?
I passed those Cherry blossoms today and I wondered if you saw them too.

Did you give the heavens above more than just a passing glance?
I know your ambitions took you far; you never lost your sense of wonder.
For its that wonder and twinkle in your eyes that make you gracious.
Did you sing those oldies song on the drive to work?

Did you wish on a falling star?
Did you pray today, and please pray tell what did God say?
For as I sit at the window seat I think of God’s gracious gift to me.

The author's comments:
(A friend inspired this poem. I also published this poem on other websites under the pen name Magnes Abo.)

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