September 30, 2011
Listen to the world,
Can you hear it when it turns?
Think of all we could create
If we took the time to learn
Think about how life would be
If only we’d believe
In ourselves, and our dreams
Look at all the possibilities
Why do we destroy and break down
Leave our thrones, throw our crowns
Just give up,
Never try,
Stay on the ground, never fly,
Why do we dream, but don’t act,
Learn a lot of useless facts,
We just talk, talk a lot,
Never with any thought,
Why do we cry and close our eyes,
Fill our hearts with despise,
Why do we choose to live in hate?
When we could be something great,
Think of all we could make,
If we’d just let it all go,
Stepped into a world of love,
Melted our heart’s snow,
Think of the poetry, the music,
The laughter, the light,
Think of all the possibilities,
If we moved past our fright,
Think of all we can be,
Think of hopes, think of dreams,
Think of everything you could do,
All the mountains you can move,
Think of the magic you hold within,
Think of all the life you have left to live,
Think of everything you can be,
Think of all the possibilities.

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xximjustmexx said...
Oct. 9, 2011 at 12:30 pm
you should read my poems stronger and bad image. i think those are the ones that talk about people throwing their lives away.
xximjustmexx said...
Oct. 9, 2011 at 12:27 pm
all i can say is wow. that was simply amazing.
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