September 30, 2011
By kachina0821 BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
kachina0821 BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

The ripples of the sea,
Glide fast forward in the essence of the day,
The seagull flies over here,
Past the tree top lining venturing to the unknown.
What if I could be like the seagull?
And taste the air and see the vision’s
Of so many horizon’s
What if I could glide across like the waves,
And taste a little of all this world has to offer.

Maybe we can love in confidence of another,
Perhaps there truly is a rhyme and reason
For each event in our lives.
But what it leads us to,
Is a mystery.

That could be what I love most,
The everchanginess, like a cycle of incoherent patterns,
Testing and challenging us to be all that we can
Even the seagale loses its way at times, and will
Come back to this beach and lay,
As I do now.

I once was told I could not be perfect,
For one so small and a goal that large,
Was many of time’s impossible.
But sitting here outside today,
I realized that something has changed in me.
There is no hand holding mine,
There is no rules and regulations,
Or so I choose it to be,
There is a depth of desire that so long had wanted to be released.

Tell me about your dreams and passion,
Show me your experiences and teach me,
Hear my laughter and live in this moment.
Believe that there is a light even in the gray
Of the past that lead you off coarse.
We are here now.

Embrace your ability to touch things and see,
Savor your chance to taste something new,
And your charm to be unknown.

Do not be afraid to stand out,
Do not be afraid of not being you.
Forget about what they say,
Forget about how they mold you
And believe in the wonder’s of your dreams.

Find the truths and surpass the lies,
Hear the kind words in the passing of a stranger.
Never be afraid to cry,
It will teach you how to grow.

Love forever in a day,
Lock your memories in a special place in your heart,
Because no one can take that away.
Remember what made you smile,
Take the hand of the unforgiving,
And show them the way.

Your life is up to your interpretation,
But I choose to find the passion,
The adventure that lives in us all,
I want to set free.
And I want to fly across the tree lining
To see what I can see.

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