The Smile That Screamed Pain

October 1, 2011
By , Bronx, NY
A smile says a lot
But usually we don’t stop to read much
We see the smile and think of joy
When in reality a smile says much more
I saw a smile once
It was more interesting than any book I’ve ever read
Because as contradicting as it sounds
The smile screamed out pain
The smile cried, it bled, it hurt to watch
The smile pleaded, from the lips that said nothing was wrong
The smile had scars, from a thousand emotional wounds
The smile was completely and utterly confused
The smile screamed
“Ask me what’s wrong!”
But when you asked the question
The smile remained as the lips answered “I’m okay”
But the smile definitely screamed pain
The smile belonged to a girl who has a “perfect life”
Who people assume goes through nothing
Who people assume is fine
The smile belongs to the girl with a million friends
The girl who everyone loves
The smile belongs to the girl I see in the mirror
The girl with the smile that no one reads
The smile that cries
The smile that screams
The smile that screams out a single word
But it’s funny how screaming is often never heard.

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xximjustmexx said...
Oct. 10, 2011 at 8:40 pm
i swear on my life that we are like twins lost at birth or something like that! i wear that smile every single day and no one ever says anything. people are so oblivious and slow when it comes to others feelings.
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