fallen masks

September 26, 2011
your shattered identity
your broken past
your cracked mask allows your inner self to shine through
dark light shines through your soul
because none but small children are pure and inocent
no matter how much you pray to be forgiven
there is never a word back so are we truely
forgiven for the sins we commited?
or is it all diluttion in a attempt to keep us sane?
we are all fallen angels but do we know why we fell?
becuase our lights grew dim child and there is no darkness in heaven.
we were sent to prison for enjoying the bliss of light.
but we all get out eventually.
all in time child all in time.

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TheForbiddenFlower said...
Oct. 10, 2011 at 11:29 pm

please coment to tell me how it is


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