My Music & My Ball

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous

All I need is my music & my ball

Most people say you need food & water to survive

But I would have to disagree

People only think inside the box

Well that’s just not me

I equate my ball to food

And my music to my water

I would be the best baller around

If only I was a little taller

I listen to all genres of music

Every day & every night

I go to sleep listening to music

Therefore it’s on when I wake up

My mom literally has to snatch my all black, 0.8 oz, 4 ft,

Adidas headphones out of my ear

When people want to speak they must yell

Because I simply cannot hear

I’m always playing ball at my local recreation center
Challengers often show up

And always leave disappointed

I’m there as much as I can be

Even if it is storming

Most times I incorporate

Both lifestyles together

Head set in my ears

Ball in my hands

Only a couple more years

Before I’m able to slam…. DUNK

And the crowd goes wild

Looking back at the days when I was still a child

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