And Freedom Reigned

September 26, 2011
By Valerie3 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
Valerie3 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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What if for an hour, one hour
All the wars stopped
The men ceased fighting
And peace reigned

What if for that hour, that one hour
Man loved fellow man
Countries got along
And no one raised a hand

What if for sixty minutes, sixty precious minutes
Chaos didn’t rule the earth
Minds were made clear
And God was everywhere

What if the world stood still
Still turning, but differently
Not faster or slower
But in harmony

What if the blood quit bleeding
The wounds stopped hurting
The animosity vanquished
And the dream was reality

What if her father didn’t die
Her sister wasn’t shot
Her son wasn’t MIA
And she was serene

What if the sky were blue
The sun had risen
Darkness beaten
And the child slept safely

What if peace reigned?

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