September 26, 2011
By SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
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Cover flips open, Pages flutter in the wind,
Chapters turning, Lines skimming, Letters blurring,
Surroundings disappear, The gates are before you, Voices beckoning, Words chorus, Scenery flickering,
Into the world, You step through.

Into the book, A spinning vortex, Amidst an imagination,
Witnessing the creation, Of fiction,
The wings of fantasy, The laughter from comedy, The secrets of mystery, The chills from horror, The past of historical-fiction, The creatures from paranormal.

The journey continues,
Past the cottage of the seven dwarves, Flying high above Hogwarts, Crawling low by the railway, Tripping over a glass slipper, Pushing past a wardrobe full of cloaks, Slipping through a fog, Climbing mounds of hair up towers,
Swimming aside a pirate’s ship, Walking along a yellow brick road,
Urging forward, Onward.

Pausing for breaths, Never stopping, Along the way characters met,
A wave of a wand from Potter, A chocolate bar from Willy Wonka, An acknowledging snore from Beauty, A toothy smile from Edward, A bibbidy bobbidy from the fairy godmother, A deranged grin from the Mad Hatter, A bullet from Bond, A sheet of cloth from red riding hood, A spoken fib from Pinocchio, A tiny paws up from Staurt Little, An apple then a cackle from the Queen.
Last exchanged words, Silent waves, Final hugs, Teary goodbyes.

Full of adventure, Heart–stopping excitement, Shock-filled fun,
The unimaginable occurring, The unexplainable explained, The truth unravelled,
Memories never forgotten, A torrent of words let loose in our minds.
Create those gates for others,
It’s our turn now.

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