shes trouble

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous

The dark rises to its full height
where two lovers first set sight
not even angels can separate their embrace.
not even demons can destroy their lovely life.

their life gone wrong in every way
there life hurts them everyday
he's so perfect,nice and sweet
he runs to her day and night, just to see the love of his life
she is hurtful, pained and drugged
she never knew what love was, so when he came along
she ran and hid
but he found her and hugged her tight and carried her to the light

she watched him slowly fade away
she hurt him with the things she did
she cried tears of blood from her wrists
she inched away from his life crying slightly away from the light

she looks under the bridge
the water rushes by like the tears on her cheek
she looks back and sees him running towards her
he is strong and healthy and so longing for her she looks at him with sorrowful eyes and....

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